Fashion inspiration: American Hustle the movie

Inspiration, for me, manifests itself from art, architecture, people, nature, and in this case, the movies. (American Hustle) I am fond of the past for not only its rich history, but especially for its truly phenomenal fashion. American Hustle was … Continue reading

A work of art: Part 1

My mother and I haven’t always had the meaningful relationship that we have today, but through the years our bond has grown stronger and stronger.  Something I am supremely grateful for today is my realization and appreciation for my mother’s … Continue reading

A beret a day keeps the doctor away

Mondays have become my unofficial beret wearing day. The Museum I work at isn’t open to the public and the vacant atmosphere calls for something a little more low key – a beret!   (Sequin beret from Freestyle $8, faux fur … Continue reading

The weather for leather part 2: Jackets and accessories

Two years ago I picked up the most exquisite leather and wool jacket from Freestyle Clothing Exchange. It had never been worn, still had the price tags on, and came in at $650 new.  Can you guess how much I … Continue reading

The weather for leather part 1: skirts and pants!

This fall season I am OBSESSED with all things leather! This classic girl needs a little edge in her life. Edgy has come in the form of leather, leather, and more leather. There’s something about it that makes me feel cool, confident, sexy, and flirty. I have to say that this past week and a half has been really good and the sadness I was feeling has past and I’m feeling back to my normal self. What comes with my 31 years of age, besides a few extra wrinkles, is confidence and the courage to get my self right back up! Remember that movie When Stella Got Her Groove Back? Well, it’s almost as if Phoebe got her groove back, too. So with my new found ‘groove’ has come a new found edginess. How I express this best is through my fashion and I can think of nothing more confident and edgy than leather!

The more I thought about my leather fetish the more I realized just how much I actually own, enough to make this blog post a 2 part series! This post is dedicated to my love of high waist skirts and pants. 

Below are a few of my favorite pieces, stay tune for part 2 tomorrow!

~ Black vintage leather skirt, Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift, $15

~ Red vintage leather pants, Deseret Industries thrift, $10

~ Black leather Bebe pants, Sei Bella Boutique Consignment, $24.99

~ Red vintage leather skirt, Deseret Industries, $10

~ Black faux leather pants, Thrift Town, $1.99 (30% 0ff!) 



Tartan with a twist please

Recently I curated a fashion show for Good Day Sacramento with Tartan plaid being the main star. Image

This fall season the classic Tartan has been appropriated as the ‘it’ print and was seen all over the fall runways. I’m a classic girl by nature so the print is a definite yes in my books. What I’ve loved seeing is people taking the classic print and making it hip and modern; even edgy. This was exactly the direction I wanted to take the Good Day show I did. 

I say why not take your classic Pendleton pleated skirt and make it sexy with an adorable crop top (Heart Boutique $18) and a fitted leather jacket? (Freestyle $18! and yes it’s real leather and was originally a $650 jacket) P.S. This Pendleton skirt is reversible! (Freestyle $8)



One item I pulled for the show that I LOVED was from Deseret Industries. It’s a vintage coat from the 80’s ($8) with a velvet collar and buttons. I paired it with a contemporary Ann Taylor sequin top (Freestyle $12)  to make it modern. Image

Remember this fall season to have fun with Tartan and don’t hesitate to make the classic print modern and hip with a leather jacket, leggings, or a sequin top or hat.Image

Here’s the link to the segment:

The Pursuit of Happiness…

In the pursuit of happiness I sometimes find myself here, there, and everywhere. This past year has honestly been a magical year and taught me to keep persevering forward no matter what.  In the past month, a whole lot of emotions, ranging from happy, contemplative, to a little sad have risen. My department of 3 at the Museum is now a department of me, myself, and I. My two co workers, Connie and Cindy, were not only fellow work mates, but two people I respected and loved dearly. Though I am beyond happy for their new adventures in life, I am a little sad. They were my family and this was the first week not having them at the office. Isn’t that life though? People come and people go and I will be forever grateful that the both of them came into my life. Cindy, thank you for giving me a chance two years ago at the Museum. You were the best boss a girl could ever ask for. I admire you for your strong work ethic, attention to detail, drive, and ability to remain calm no matter what. Connie, you were like the sister I never had growing up. To see you blossom and grow this past year warms my heart dearly. Good luck Boo Boo and I can’t wait to go to your wedding in Colorado. Image

So as you can see, the departure of my two workmates is a little bitter sweet. With their vacancies comes a whole slew of added responsibilities at the Museum. Everyone keeps coming up to me wondering if I’m ok or if I’m freaking out, and the reality is everything is going to be ok. I’m choosing to take this new opportunity as a time of growth and time to really challenge myself to think bigger. I trust that if I put in the hard work, the universe will do the rest. I am supremely grateful for the Crocker Art Museum and all that they have done for me in the last almost 3 years. It’s my turn to rise up to the occasion and be the best that I can be in the current situation. 

The Museum has inspired me over the years to really pay attention to my surroundings. I am CONSTANTLY inspired by the people who walk through the Museum doors and the art that hangs on the magnificent walls. Art is so inspiring! The colors and the shapes I see while perusing the isles send a surge of fashion fire throughout my veins. Sometimes I can’t wait to come home and figure out ways in which to compliment certain paintings that I’ve seen at work. Art really does inspire fashion and this is one of the big reasons why I stay at the Crocker – for the love of art! 

In these tough times, I have to remind myself that no matter what, everything will be ok. The Museum will continue on, art will continue to inspire people, (my fashion) and new friendships will blossom.

Speaking of art inspiring fashion, there’s a mural by my house that I have been eying for months. Every time I bike by it, I wonder how or when the right outfit might present itself for the piece. Recently it all came together and made for a very fun photo shoot. 

Outfit: Vintage scarf, (also used as a head piece sometimes) Sacramento Antique Faire, $2 – Polka dot top, Freestyle Clothing Exchange, $15 – Vintage suede skirt, free at a clothing swap – Vintage purple heels, Goodwill, $5 – Vintage sunnies, Sacramento Antique Faire, $2!


“Gray”t Expectations

Expect an abundance of gray this fall season among the fashion forward. The color gray/charcoal/slate, what ever hue catches your fancy,  has been appropriated as the ‘new neutral’ for the season and was seen all over the fall 2013 runways. … Continue reading

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible” ~ Audrey Hepburn



Sometimes we need our daily reminder to have faith in what we are doing and that the seemingly impossible at times really means ‘I’m possible’ with a little hard work, passion, and dedication. The rewards sometimes come in small doses like finding yourself smiling at a dad teaching his daughter how to ride a bike for the first time (so touched by this yesterday) to having the opportunity to work on a magazine photo shoot and fashion show in the same week.

I have my moments of weakness when I start to believe that what I’m doing is silly and that it may never amount to anything. As I sat back in yoga today I shut my head up and didn’t just listen, but heard very clearly the need to not get up and race towards things in life, but rather take a moment to listen to the Universe and when the time is right, take off. When I’m right mind the impossible moves out of the way and allows the positive energy back in to remind me that ‘I’m possible.’ 

Keep following your dreams…

My dream at this present moment is continue on with my love of affordable fashion, styling, and inspiring others to be the best they can be no matter their circumstance. Who knows, maybe I’ll be able to make this into a career one day. 

I hope my clothes inspire you to think outside the box and have a little fun a long the way… :)


Vintage late 60’s dress from the Sac Antique Faire, $15 – Vintage sunnies from Deseret Industries, $1 – Ninewest heels form Freestyle, $15