Bohemian Days


My style is ever evolving, but one thing is always constant – my love for vintage. 60’s fashion will always remain my favorite era for vintage, but as of late I have been sneaking over to the 70’s side.
Vintage and thrift shopping speaks to me in ways that no contemporary new department store can. My style is a direct result from my years of exploring all the different aisles upon aisles of second hand wonders.
The other day I dreamt of hot summer nights with a beautiful dress that flowed in the warm breezy air. I dreamt of beautiful head scarves, big sunglasses, and a smile that glistened from ear to ear.  Lucky for me, I dream of ensembles for inspiration and sometimes I’m lucky enough to find my dreamt up looks in my favorite thrift stores.
My Bohemian flowing dress dreams came to fruition this past weekend at my beloved Freestyle Clothing Exchange thrift store. IMG_0613They have a small vintage section, but because they are meticulous about what they buy from people it’s always good! The beautiful floral print flows with the greatest of ease in the hot summer winds. IMG_0615

And you can never go wrong pairing that perfect vintage dress with an even more perfect pair of vintage 70’s glasses. IMG_0609Big shout of to my friend Omonivie of Tula in Bloom for making the beautiful earrings I have on. IMG_0617She’s a true artist, check her out:
Also, if you are in Sacramento please check out one of the 4 Freestyle Clothing Exchange’s for some of the best vintage:
Outfit details:
Vintage 70’s dress, Freestyle, $12
Vintage 70’s shades, Sac Antique Faire, $2
Espadrilles, Freestyle, $15


Gypsy the Mobile Boutique

I love an innovator, and Ms Bridgette of Gypsy the Mobile Boutique is. I love everything about her fashionable, hip, and smart clothing boutique on wheels. 

My style is mainly thrifted fashion, but from time to time I venture away from my normal grounds and tread on over to new territories of the fashion realm. I have been absolutely OBSESSED with the jersey Maxi dress this Spring and Summer and just can’t get enough of the easy breezy wear of the dress. When you combine comfort and style I’m in.

As I follow Ms Bridgette on Instagram and Facebook, I get to see when she gets new things in. About a month ago I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go see her at one of her stops along the fashionable road. P.S. How frickin’ cool is it that she has a fashion boutique that can move from one site to the next? Fashion on wheels = genius. I arrived at 14th and D street to find a truck full of goodies and a beautiful smile on her face. I’m a huge fan of good customer service and every time I see her she beams with kindness, positivity, and a clear passion for what she is doing.

It must have been my Maxi dress day because when I arrived only one of the dresses I had been eying was left in my size. The only one left was on the mannequin and Bridgette didn’t even blink twice to take it off for me. What did I tell ya? Good customer service!

I got the most comfy and divinely stylish grey jersey Maxi dress with a low back, sexy right? I swear I wore it for 3 days straight after I got it. On hot days, nothing keeps you cooler than a Maxi dress that doesn’t cling to your skin. I hate pants and couldn’t imagine going through a Summer with them on. So I say hallelujah to Maxi dresses and how comfortable and breathable they are.  Besides the fabulous dress, I also found some amazing chandelier black and gold earrings; perfect accessory to the dress! See picture below.

If you haven’t checked out her fashionable boutique might I suggest you do? I promise you wont be disappointed! Follow her on FB to find out when and where she will be out and about. She also posts when she gets new merchandise in!




Gold bangle in above picture from Deseret Industries ($1.99) and shoes are from Freestyle Clothing Exchange. ($30) Picture below: Hat from Goodwill, ($2) white jacket from Freestyle Clothing Exchange, ($25) Banana Republic white leather purse that was new with tags still on! From Freestyle ($25) See, I told you I loved the dress! I wore it to the Bay area recently.Image