I own thedressfiend.com !!!

Attention Attention:

The day has finally come that I officially own The Dress Fiend! This will be my final post on this site. I adore and very much appreciate all of my fans out there and would love for you to keep following me. Would you all do me a favor and head over to thedressfiend.com and subscribe/become a follower? It’s as easy as this: Go to the site, scroll down a bit till you see ‘subscribe to blog via email’ on the right hand side and voila! You’ll now be able to get notices when I post.

A few super amazing add ons to the new site:

- there’s a color wheel where you can click on a color and it directs you to outfits I’ve worn in that color! This way if you’re wondering how to wear certain colors you can get a little inspiration from my outfits

- I share my thrifting tips

- All of my social media is connected to it

- and there’s a hire me section! If you need a stylist or someone to redo your closet I’m your girl! 

PS A big thank you to Colour Me Classic for doing such an amazing job on my site! 

I look forward to seeing you all over at thedressfiend.com 


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